• a_style_mandolin a_style_mandolin
    A-Style Mandolin

    Available with either F holes or an oval soundhole, essentially a symmetrical version of the F5. Highly figured maple throughout with a choice of spruce …

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  • flatbacks flatbacks
    Acoustic Flatback

    A clean, bright sounding instrument, 350 mm scale length. Designed specifically with the Celtic and Irish music repertoire in mind.

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  • header_acoustic_mandola header_acoustic_mandola
    Acoustic Mandola

    Tuned one tone down from the mandolin with a longer scale of 450 mm. Tuned A, D, G, C but can accommodate octave mandola stringing …

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  • electric_mandolin_and_mandola electric_mandolin_and_mandola
    Electric Mandolin & Mandola

    Solid mahogany throughout, Kent Armstrong pickup with coil tap on the tone pot. Strat saddles for perfect intonation whatever the stringing.

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  • f5_mandolin f5_mandolin
    F5 Mandolin

    The ultimate bluegrass mandolin, plenty of volume with a clear mellow tone. Highly figured maple throughout with a spruce or cedar belly. Both the back …

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  • header_octave_mandola header_octave_mandola
    Octave Mandolas

    A full octave lower than the mandolin with a 630 mm scale, an ideal crossover instrument for the guitarist who wishes to pick up a …

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