Repairs are a speciality of mine for all kinds of stringed instruments such as guitars, violins, mandolins, mandolas, banjos and many more. In addition, I undertake set ups, fret dressing, and intonation adjustments more or less on a daily basis. Using my technical know how from building custom instruments I’m also able to carry out more ambitious structural, electronic or refinishing work. From replacement soundboards, backs, sides, necks, fingerboards, bridges to broken heads.

Down to replacement  bone, graphite or brass nuts, saddles, frets, end and bridge pins, jack sockets, switches, pickups, controls, and custom scratch plates etc. The Early Music Shop in Saltaire also provide me with private commissions as well as using my skills as a restoration consultant for their own range of instruments.

Take a look below to see ‘before & after’ photos of repairs previously carried out by myself.